[parisc-linux] Squid freeze

Joel Soete jsoe0708@tiscali.be
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 20:15:30 +0100

>I've tried to run squid on my PA box under Debian 3.0. But squid freeze
>at launch : it do nothing, it is simply frozen, it is not possible to parse
>any line command (squid -v print nothing).
>I did a dist-upgrade but nothing change. So I get the lastest version
>of squid 2.5 and compiled it. Same symptom, squid is frozen. I did a
>little modification to src/main.c in squid, in the main() function : I
>took mainParseOptions() and put it in first of main() (it was executed
>later after several others miscellaneous functions).
Don't do this.

'dmesg' would inform you too that squid make a segfault?

I already report this problem in this ml and in Debian bug report (sorry
I do not remember # but it is easy to find back).

The problem was in fact due to a bad update of libpam-modules and a modification
in /etc/security/limits.conf which didn't occurs by default. You would found
tree line:
*       hard    core      0
*       hard    rss       5000
*       hard    nproc     20

which you can remove (what the update should do if you answer Y at this time)

Now, you have to quit completely your loging; login again and you should
now be able to use squid.


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