[parisc-linux] SCSI driver for E-class servers - SPIFI ?

M. Grabert xam@cs.ucc.ie
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 23:36:57 +0100 (IST)

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Christoph Plattner wrote:

> Sorry, that I am not so "deep" in the HP device knowledge, can you give
> me sime hints !
> HP-BP is this a HP bus system ?

Yes, it's the HP Precision Bus (aka NIO). AFAIK it's mainly used in the
(very) old servers, like F10. I don't know what the current status of
is, but it used to be unsupported (no docu ?).

(hint: www.parisc-linux.org ->glossary, mailing list archive)

> Is this used in the E55 (or similar) ?

Yes. Although (regarding to www.openpa.net) something like a modified

(hint: www.openpa.net, www.google.com, www.parisc-linux.org ->hardware

> Is the "SE" SCSI that one in the E55 (what stands "SE" for) ?

SE stands for SingleEnded and reffers to how the SCSI device is connected
(signalling etc.). It's the "normal" SCSI (unlike LVD,
LowVoltageDifferential), used in SCSI-I and SCSI-II (narrow)

> What is SDTR ?

It's the signal send on the scsi bus to negotiate syncronous data
transfer (or asynchronous sent with a REQ/ACK) if they support it.

> Sorry, but I am interested in that stuff, and I know, I can help after
> initial steps. Some weeks ago, I rewrote an ethernet driver of an
> not-well known chip on an VAX termianl for VAX Linux. So after some
> hacking days (or better nights), there will be real progress.
> So I am interested in helping here.

nice :)

> Sorry for this question again:
> What is the status of the MUX. As far I can remember, you started to
> write on this driver. Is this correct ?

Perhaps s.o. can answer this question. AFAIK somebody is indeed writing
on it and has succeded to use the console port on the MUX.

geretings max