[parisc-linux] J2240 - Almost There...

Craig D. Lansing (root) lansing@beldar.com
Sun, 11 Nov 2001 21:43:18 -0500

After using my CD burner to create several nice coasters, I have been
able to create a couple of CD's from which my J2240 will attempt to
boot.  I think that I am almost there, but need someone to show me the
error of my ways.  Disclaimer: I am not a System Admin by trade.  I have
been an HP-UX user since about version 7, but have not had a box of my
own to play with until I pulled this J2240 from the trash.  The system
is a J2240 2-way, 2.5GB RAM, 2x8GB internal FW-SCSI Disks, DDS-III,
internal Toshiba SCSI CD-ROM, 21" graphics console.

Here's what I get when I try to boot from the 0.9.2 iso CD after
changing my boot path to the internal CD-ROM (SESCSI.2.0):

Boot IO Dependent Code (IODC) revision 153

HARD Booted

palo ipl 0.92 root@spqr Mon Jun 25 23:03:13 CEST 2001
0/vmlinux32 2853588 bytes @ 0x6ad6800
0/vmlinux64 3585851 bytes @ 0x6d8f800
0/ramdisk 1991209 bytes @ 0x70fb000

Command Line: 'root=/dev/ram console=tty0 sti=0 sti_font=VGA8x16

Kernel: partition 0 file /vmlinux
Ramdisk: partition 0 file /ramdisk
Warning: Kernel name doesn't end with 32 or 64... Guessing 32
ELF32 executable
Entry 00100000 first 00100000 n 4
Segment 0 load 010000000 size 1606948 mediaptr 0x1000
Segment 1 load 0028a000 size 468472 mediaptr 0x18a000
Segment 2 load 00300000 size 8192 mediaptr 0x1fd000
Segment 3 load 0034bea8 size 80688 mediaptr 0x1ffea8

Loading ramdisk 1991209 bytes @ 3fe09000...
branch to kernel entry point 0x00100000
Set default PSW W bit to 0

<System hangs here>


Booting from the 0.9 sti iso CD gives the above and goes a little


CPUID Vers 14 rev 23
Model 9000/782/J2240


Found devices:
1. SummitHawk Dino RS-232(10)....
18. SummitHawk memory(1)
Kernel command line HOME=/ TERM=linux root=/dev/ram console=tty0 sti=0
Console: colour dummy device 80x25

<System hangs here>