[parisc-linux] Current kernel from CVS does not build.

Rafael Herrera raffo@neuronet.pitt.edu
Sun, 11 Nov 2001 20:40:44 -0500

After intalling the most recent kernel snapshot 
ftp://ftp.parisc-linux.org/cvs/linux-20011108.tar.gz (2.4.9-pa79) and 
Randolph Chung's gcc, my 715/75 has been very stable.

I tried to update the sources with the latest CVS version, but the 
compilation failed. The file */arch/parisc/kernel/pdc_cons.c and 
*/kernel/printk.c have a conflict. The variable log_size used in 
pdc_cons.c is not defined in printk.c. The kernel does not build.

P.S. I successfully built linux-20011108.tar.gz with Randolf's gcc 
package. It took an hour.