New Cross-Compiler, userspace tarballs, and Debian packages (was Re: [parisc-linux] Shared native toolchain (and Perl) uploaded, dpkg tarball, Debian packages)

David Huggins-Daines
16 Sep 2000 20:20:10 -0400

Matt Taggart <> writes:

> and I have added debs for all the things I've been cross compiling that David 
> has not build native debs for.

I went and made this apt-able.  (Yes, we have apt now, you need the
latest glibc and gcc tarballs to run it though).  The correct
sources.list invocation for it is:

deb debian-hppa/

Matt: I put dpkg-scanpackages and other dpkg programs and libs in
~dhd/{bin,lib}, if you want to use them.

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