New Cross-Compiler, userspace tarballs, and Debian packages (was Re: [parisc-linux] Shared native toolchain (and Perl) uploaded, dpkg tarball, Debian packages)

Matt Taggart
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 19:37:48 -0600

I have put a new LinuxX86 -> hppa/hppa64 cross-compiler tarball at,

This tarball contains 32 bit binutils, gcc, and glibc and 64 bit binutils and 
gcc. So you can use it to compile both 32 bit userspace apps and 32 bit and 64 
bit kernels.

David Huggins-Daines writes...

> Pending a proper Debian archive on p.e.h.c, I've started collecting
> packages at  If they
> don't install then use dpkg --force-deps.

I've created a semi-proper debian archive accessible at,

and I have added debs for all the things I've been cross compiling that David 
has not build native debs for.

I have also made the same available as tarballs in,


Matt Taggart