[parisc-linux] New native toolchain and glibc tarballs, upgrade

David Huggins-Daines dhd@linuxcare.com
16 Sep 2000 20:16:40 -0400

There are new 20000916 gcc, binutils, and glibc tarballs on the FTP
site (puffin.external.hp.com:/pub/parisc/binaries/userspace).
Upgrading glibc, at least, is highly recommended as this one fixes a
stupid bug that was preventing initializers in shared libraries from
being run (and thus made apt-get crash, which it doesn't anymore).

You'll also notice that binutils got smaller (because it now uses
shared libbfd and libopcodes) and GCC got larger (because it now has a
shared libstdc++.so).

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