[parisc-linux] Tree Issues

Tomasz Korycki tkorycki@sprint.ca
Thu, 11 May 2000 01:32:02 -0400

>Tomasz Korycki wrote:
>> Phillip: THX for all You've done so far
>> Grant: THX for that reply.
>> Now:
>> Could someone find a way to keep this group together?
>I don't understand your question.
>I didn't have the impression Philipp was unsubscribing from parisc-linux
>mailing lists and ignoring us.  He just wants a way to publish/manage his
>own CVS repository and allow others to look at it.  Perhaps Philipp should
>comment on that himself though...

It was not my impression either - "group" was meant here to imply "this
group of people who've been cooperationg towards a common goal", mailing
list or no. I believe Phillip still has the same goals as all the other
active participants (and some inactive ones, too), just that he sees a
different way of attaining them, which seems both better and and more
feasible to him. And he may be right. What I suggest, then, is that it is in
everybody's (including Phillip's) best interest if he were to put his
strengths into making the "common way" more amenable to him. And everyone
else should, perhaps, try to accomodate his requirements. Since I do not
know what they are, though, I will not pass judgment on their merit or
feasibility. But I do know, that splitting like that weakens both sides.
Sometimes significantly. And that is what I would _really_ not like to see.
  That's the first place since the old Netblazer list I fill good at. I
would enjoy the continuance of that feeling. I know, I know, that's not what
this is about. But I thought it might matter. 

  There were some warm exchanges here (and probably hotter in private), but
that's what should be expected in a cooperative project. At the same time,
this being email, they are treated differently (no matter how hard one tries
not to) than a collegue busting into Your cubicle and telling You what
You're full of. It's the asynchronous nature that makes us treat it
differently, as well as no opportunity to go for a beer after work and
settling whatever issue, right on the spot. But it is still possible, if
everybody just tries.

  And, there are the dangers You, Grant, Yourself, pointed out. They are not

  Heck, I'm so worked up now, I won't go to bed until I put that 712
together from spares... wonder what'll come out! ;)
  And then, I just might deliver on my threat...

>> Otherwise, I may start committing code, and we'll see what You all think of
>> the effort then...;)
>You won't get flamed by me for doing that! :^)
>I been know to send people older HW for offenses like that.
>Even SCSI tape drives (especially to torment sshack :^).
>Grant Grundler
>Unix Development Lab