[parisc-linux] HP 715/33

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Tue, 18 Jan 2000 10:09:45 +0100


Picked up a 715/33 yesterday; it seems to be unsupported by MkLinux:(
Is this due to a problem with the architecture (that cannot be overcome)
or is it something that just needs special care to work ?

Also, can anyone give me some hints where to get more information
about this specific model. (Web pages, or can I find info in the
parisc mail archive?) Specifically, I need info about the RAM
configuration, (SIM-pairs or singles, which types is possible, which
sizes etc). Links to MkLinux info (on this model and in general) is also

I will put together a web-page dealing with this model, as soon I
find information to share.


Nils Strom
Analog Electronics R&D Engineer

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Worked great again on my 715/80 off a scsi disk.

David Muench - Project System Administrator
Retrotech, Inc. - http://www.retrotech.com/

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From: Jason Eckhardt [mailto:jason@equator.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 11, 1999 5:35 PM
To: hppa-linux@thepuffingroup.com
Subject: [hppa-linux] Boot #4 and source on ftp site

Boot test #4: This is essentially the same code as #3 but I have taken
out some delays, modified the cache flush routines, and turned
verbose (debug) mode back on. I want to make sure that not having the delays
makes no difference and that no characters get dropped when there is a lot
of text (as in debug mode). Please let me know if the test still passes
as before. Hopefully this will be the last test for a while. Kernel work
comes next.

I have uploaded the binary as well as a new source drop to the ftp site. The
source is now GPL'd and a detailed README is included which gives an
of the boot code operation. This source supersedes any previous source you
may have laying around.

ftp from sod.res.cmu.edu:/pub/parisc/hilo
  boot_rel_0.2.tar.gz        The latest source code and documentation.
  bootstrap_4.bin.gz         Bootstrap binary #4. 

Jason Eckhardt.

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