[parisc-linux] Generating Kernel and Image

Thierry SIMONNET t.simonnet@esiee.fr
Tue, 18 Jan 2000 08:55:28 +0100

Since December, I try to generate vmlinux and Image for 712/60.
I use a 712/60 workstation (HPUX 10.20, cc, gcc-2.95.2) as development
platform and a 712/80 as client.
My bootp works fine.
1 - I can boot on Image-19991113 with serial console. but I don't know what
to do after.
2 - I can't boot on my own Image. Perhaps my console device is wrong. What
is the right device for a graphical console. I try tty00, ttyS0. But it

Thanks for your help.