[parisc-linux] real mode stuff.

Alex deVries adevries@thepuffingroup.com
Sun, 14 Nov 1999 23:41:07 -0500 (EST)

So, realmode_setup.c is a good start, but it needs a bit of a cleanup.  

Stuff I'm working on:

- Philipp and I agree that we should just create arch/parisc/kernel/real
for all the real mode stuff
- creating arch/parisc/real/pdc.c
- moving some stuff in arch/parisc/kernel/realmode_setup.c to
arch/parisc/real/setup.c or similiar.

Let me know if there's objections.  I'll wait until Paul has a chance to
read this before committing.

- Alex

Alex deVries <adevries@thepuffingroup.com>
Vice President Engineering
The Puffin Group