[parisc-linux] Re: hwinfo_7.30-2: suggested patch

Martin-Éric Racine q-funk at pp.fishpool.fi
Sun May 2 07:33:54 MDT 2004

On Sat, 1 May 2004, Morten Werner Olsen wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 09:23:56PM +0300, Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> > Is any other work required beyond the patch you already submitted to the
> > maintainer?  If so, just how much is needed?  I have some time to spare.
> I don't think there is more work than including the already written
> patch to get the package compiling on hppa.
> The important issue is that I will not include support for hppa if the
> package is not of any use for the hppa users and developers. So please test
> it and see if you find the information that is provided of any interest.

Joel had built and tested it on a B180 and found the results usefull.

I just applied the patch and tested on a 712. Works great. I'm not sure if all
the PA-RISC specific hardware gets tested, but at least what I get out of this
patch is already quite usefull to me.  I'd say merge it.

Martin-Éric Racine, ICT Consultant

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