[parisc-linux] Selling my J2240, any interest?

Brian Zurbach briansz@ponymail.com
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 04:05:37 -0700

Nice machine, 2x236MHz PA-8200s with 2MB/2MB cache, 256MB, 9.1GB UW
SCSI, CD, Floppy, Visualize fx4 video, currently working well and
running Debian Woody (2.4.17) over serial console.  Has all plastic,
reasonable condition.

I have two of these machines at the moment, so I've decided to sell
one.  I'll even toss in a spare power supply to sweeten the deal.

I know it isn't the latest/greatest, but it's a pretty capable and
incredibly solid inexpensive server with the dual proc configuration. 
Parts could also upgrade an existing J280 to PA-8200s and SMP.

Good home, reasonable offers?  I'm in AZ at the moment but will be in NM
and parts of CO in the next several weeks.  Trying to avoid putting this
one on fleaBay, the weight *scares* people.