[parisc-linux] problems installing debian on a c180

Thaddeus A. Wilson tawilson@utmem.edu
Mon, 08 Sep 2003 15:26:45 -0500

i had previously done some messing around with a c180 and at one time
out how to install but have since lost my notes.

i have a c180 with an hp A4071B graphics card installed in GSC slot 3
recognized as HPA4071B_LZ

i know i previously had to enter "video=stifb:off" in the palo:

default when i choose to interact with ipl on boot as parameters to
kernal in
palo are:

1. 0/vmlinux
2. ramdisk_size=8192
3. initrd=0/ramdisk
4. console=tty0
5. sti=1/0/0
6. sti_font=VGA8x16
7. TERM=linux

if i accept default it gets past that message indicating a problem with
but the screen goes black although it looks as if the monitor is still
i.e. green light not a yellow one.

i am using the debian 3.0r1 disk as my boot disk.

i recall the last time i got the install to work i got a penguin in the
but graphic install never worked and i had some difficulty with the x
starting.  any help on reinstallation would be appreciated i.e.
necessary mods
to the parameters on boot to get back to installing.

thanks in advance and sorry for regressing.