[parisc-linux] RDI Tadpole Precisionbook and Linux/PA-RISC

Carlos O'Donell carlos@baldric.uwo.ca
Sun, 30 Mar 2003 14:13:27 -0500

> I tried to get hold of one from them.  They never called me back ;-(

I got a hold of them, and they wouldn't stop bothering me. The only
thing holding me back was the price. It's like $6K US for one of these
babies... refurbished at that :} That comes out to a few million
Canadian clams.
> > Does anybody know whether it could/should/may/will/does run Linux?
> Obviously it _should_.  But since no-one's tried ...

... cause they cost an arm and a leg.

I'd love to hear that you boys in IE have cheaper prices on these
laptops :)


--- Refubished Sales snippet ---
H18-14-XX-256/512- $6,200-6,500.00 USD
180 MHz HP Processor, 14" LCD, 6 GB HDD (one or two drives for total of 12 GB HDD).
These are what will ship with PBooks:
1. User Manual
2. Software Manual (HP-UX 11.0).
3. Carry Bag
4. 13W3 Video Adapter
5. Power Supply w/Cord
Usual 10 day lead time.
90 day warranty.