[parisc-linux] Re: Out of memory problem

Thibaut VARENE varenet@esiee.fr
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 01:05:39 +0100

sorry for my previous answer, doomed keyboard shortcut for "send" :P
> Hello,
> Thibaut VARENE <varenet@esiee.fr> schrieb:
> > >> The Net install ISOs are what you want. See
> > >> 	http://www.parisc-linux.org/software/install.html
> > > But as this are ISO files, I need to attach a CD drive, and I
> > > have an external SCSI drive lying around. I also doubt I'll find
> > > IDE port inside my Apollo. That's why I looked for a net-boot
> > there are lifimages as well.
> > you can also get them here:
> > http://pateam.esiee.fr/cd-images/lifimages/
> >
> > fwiw, reading the PA-RISC/Linux Boot HOWTO would have told you
> > them.
> I read it, and the _readme_first.txt there, but they don't mention
> those lifimages are prepared for NFS Root opposite to the one I
actually they aren't: they're prepared for RAMDISK :)
> And the NetInst procedure for Debian/i386 uses a RAM-Disk, too, so I
> thought those were using a initrd just as the one I got from
> ftp://ftp.parisc-linux.org/kernels/. And so I just put it out of my
> scope when searching for non-ramdisk images.
I don't think there's any: indeed, if you have read the boot howto,
you'd have noticed that nfs-root images are very specific to your
network configuration, since you have to specify the server's IP.

therefore I don't see the point of releasing NFS-root images nobody
could possibly use.

So follow the cookbook in the HOWTO and prepare your own one ;P

Thibaut VARENE
PA/Linux ESIEE Team