[parisc-linux] apcupsd-devel sent you a card from NiceCards!

apcupsd-devel@master.oasi.gpa.it apcupsd-devel@master.oasi.gpa.it
15 Feb 2003 10:24:42 -0000

Dear parisc-linux,

Guess what?  apcupsd-devel (apcupsd-devel@master.oasi.gpa.it) has sent you a greeting card!

Your card can be picked up by clicking on the following link:



By going to our card pick-up page at:


and entering in the following card ID: 4017922-SYGRY

Thank you!


Note: Your card will be kept in our card center for two weeks.  After two
weeks, your card will be deleted.

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