[parisc-linux] kernel compile

Joel Soete jsoe0708@tiscali.be
Mon, 3 Feb 2003 18:38:11 +0100


Just A comment on your web page 'Comments':
warning concerning 'mathemu' code are well known annoying but armless.

I try to remove them but this broken to much original hp code :(

Now, the stupid question: do you try to boot from a serial console?

I also would like to know if you really have an ide cdrom on your J?

If yes, could you try to unplug it (pw supply and data flat cable) to reboot
with your new kernel?


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>To: "Aaron St. Pierre" <asp@ungod.com>
>Cc: parisc-linux@lists.parisc-linux.org
>Subject: Re: [parisc-linux] kernel compile
>From: grundler@dsl2.external.hp.com (Grant Grundler)
>Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 09:53:21 -0700
>On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 01:43:28AM -0500, Aaron St. Pierre wrote:
>> Anyway I got the the TOC information for both processors after
>> I tried to boot my kernel. It is
>> all on that page ( http://hadron.dyndns.org/parisc/ ) 
>IIA Offset                   = 0x00000000f0080570
>that's not a kernel address. Looks like a PDC call died. :^(
>> I also added a link to the firmware. I am running 2.0 of the firmware
>> and according to hp the most recent is 2.1 or : 
>> Patch Name: /firmware_patches/hp/cpu/PF_CJ224021
>> Description: HP 9000 Model J2240 firmware 2.1 patch
>> Date       : 00/10/06
>hmm...I'd stick with 2.0 for now.
>> I will start popping stuff out of the kernel, although I am sure I took
>> out all of the stuff wrt graphics. Another try for persistance sake wont
>> hurt :) 
>You still have STI drivers enabled and CONFIG_FB enabled.
>I'd start with those and then remove others one-by-one.
>> As far as the palo message, i only started noticing it when I went to
>> v1.2 of palo. One thing I should note, when I set up / i made it ext3,
>> boot is off of / and not its own fs so when i realized what i did I just
>> changed fstab accordingly so it would mount as ext2, although that
>> couldn't be the problem either since it is loading the debian kernels.
>/ can be ext3. Palo doesn't care since ext2/ext3 are compatible.
>What's important is /boot/vmlinux is < 2GB on disk.
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