[parisc-linux] kernel compile

Aaron St. Pierre asp@ungod.com
Sun, 2 Feb 2003 21:02:47 -0500

I have been trying to get linux-2.4.20-pa23 to work with my j2240. For
awhile now I thought it was the console, but it isn't it is the kernel.
Here are the steps I took: 

Got the box running with debian kernel 2.4.17-32, 
updated to 2.4.18-32, and everything was working fine. 
I took the config from 2.4.18-32 and
used that as my starting point for 2.4.20-pa23 
ran make dep and make vmlinux; made and installed the modules

The box just stops at the branching message. Let me note the console is
set properly. I posted here before but think I was ignored becuase 
it was assumed I hadn't read the faq. Please I have read the faq, I just
need help I would love to get this box working with a recent kernel and 
not have to depend on the packaged debian kernels. 


Aaron St. Pierre			tel: 978.828.6177

 Increased knowledge will help you now.  Have mate's phone bugged.