[parisc-linux] soft power and power light on 712/60

Derek Ellis Derek.Ellis@us.fortis.com
Tue, 01 Apr 2003 12:34:31 -0600

I have had no heat problems.  The IBM drive is a 68-pin SE drive from '98=
.  It runs very cool and never gets too hot to touch.  I  put it internal=
ly since that was easier than finding an unused external enclosure.

Did the soft power & light work with the external enclosure?


>>> "Joel Soete" <jsoe0708@tiscali.be> 04/01/03 11:06AM >>>
>The only thing unusual about the setup is that I replaced the old 500mb
>hard drive with a 4.5gig IBM drive with a 68pin-50pin converter.
Hmm it is highly probable.

Four years ago, for a project of upgrade 712 workstation, we asked to HP
if it was possible to put internal (SE) 4Gb disk. HP said that it was onl=
supported on 712/100.

Later, I had the opportunity to test Linux on a old 4Gb (SE) external dis=
with an old 712/60. (Even thought it was the very begining, it still work=
fine and help me a lot). Then I remember that 'not supported' didn' t mea=
that it would not works. So I removed this disk from its enclosure and pu=
it into the workstation. Well it works but not for a long time: apparentl=
it warmed too much  but fortunately not too long time (so I can put it ba=
in its original enclosure and continu to work). So there are an actual pr=
of heat exchange in this small box?

>Is the drive and converter causing the problem, or is there something I
>do software wise to fix this?
For above mentioned project, we also use external SE 4Gb disk with wide (=
pins) connector without pb. Is your 4.5Gb IBM disk is well of SE type?

=20   Joel

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