[parisc-linux] hardware features of 712-60 ?

Ralf Hildebrandt Ralf.Hildebrandt@charite.de
Fri, 11 Oct 2002 14:33:12 +0200

> Right, let's run through this list and see if it's as clear as you think:
> 1) Gecko (712/60) (Processor) (PA7100LC (PCX-L))
> 2) Gecko (Memory)
> 3) Gecko Optional RS-232 (Foreign I/O Module) (Serial driver)
> 4) Gecko Optional Lan (802.3) (Foreign I/O Module) (Lasi_82596 driver)
> 5) Gecko Core PC Keyboard (Foreign I/O Module) (PS/2 driver)
> 6) Gecko Core PC Floppy (Foreign I/O Module)
> 7) Gecko Audio (Foreign I/O Module) (Harmony driver)
> 8) Gecko Core Centronics (Foreign I/O Module) (Parallel driver)
> 9) Gecko Core RS-232 (Foreign I/O Module) (Serial driver)
> a) Gecko Core Lan (802.3) (Foreign I/O Module) (Lasi_82596 driver)
> b) Gecko Core SCSI (Foreign I/O Module) (NCR53c710 driver)
> c) Gecko GSC Core Graphics (Foreign I/O Module)
> d) Gecko Optional BA (Bus Adapter) (Lasi driver)
> e) Gecko Core BA (Bus Adapter) (Lasi driver) 

I have a kernel config for a 712/80 where I threw out all the crap I
didn't need and I build as much as possible as a module. Interested?

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