[parisc-linux] 0.9.3 Audio on C110

Michael Audette Mike.Audette@synopsys.com
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 09:59:06 -0400


First off I would like to give Kudos to everyone who worked on this project.
I cant believe the C110 is actually doing something useful again (and I
don't have to deal with HP's version of POSIX).  I cant believe that
everything including X and gnome, KDE etc are all working rather flawlessly!

I do have one problem still.  I am at a loss for the Audio.  It would appear
by looking back in the threads that the audio is working on this model
9000/C110.  But I don't know how to go about getting it working.  Do I need
to rebuild the kernel?  Is there a module that can be loaded for it?  Or are
my /dev screwed up for audio/dsp?