E55 Kernel Support and question for Christoph (used to be RE: [parisc-linux] Greetings!)

Damian Boune dboune@marmot.com
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 10:38:54 -0700

> From what I recall, the HP 9000/E55 (and the other Ex5 models) is
> not supported by Linux, and it won't run. =20

Yes, this is the general case AFAIK, other than the below.

> OTOH, IIRC, Christoph Plattner did manage to get some form of Linux
running on it,
> possibly by making major changes to the I/O system...

I reviewed this message during my initial research, and this seems to
point to what I need to get started. I'll have to dig around CVS and see
what I can find.=20

Christoph, is there anything specific I should look at? Have you had any
further trials?

Many Thanks!!!
Damian Boune
Marmot Mountain Ltd.