[parisc-linux] Failed Firmware Update...

Thomas Schmid Thomas.Schmid@ascom.ch
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 14:15:15 +0100

Hi all,

well, after following some threads in this list about firmware updates,
I decided to update my 715 to the current 1.6, up from 1.1.

Update so far went OK, but when it tried to reboot, it complained about
a memory error and halted the system. Rebooting afterwards stopped
at the "LED"-level; it gave me a "HPMC Cache Error", a "High Priority
Machine Check Cache Error". And that was it, no monitor, no nothing....

- Question: The machine I (now) had was a 715/100XC; can it be that the
1.6 firmware update is not suitable for that variant of the 715/100 ?
- Is there still hope to revive the machine ? (without HP's support...)

A bit frustrated....