[parisc-linux] Problems running KDE on PARISC

Thomas Schmid Thomas.Schmid@ascom.ch
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 10:07:46 +0100

Hi all,

I do hope this is not off-topic, but I could not find a hint to my 
problem anywhere else.

I'm running the 0.9.3 distribution on 2 PARISC machines: 
HP 712/80, 64MB RAM and HP 715/100XC, 256 MB RAM

Generally speaking KDE is slow on these machines, but
when I log in from KDM, it takes on _both_ machines about
4..5 minutes to go from KDM login screen to KDE window

Nothing fancy (wallpaper, fontaliasing, file preview) is enabled,
just a 2 color gradiant background.

What I can see from "top" is that the "kdeinit knotify" process
uses up to 90% CPU for quite a long time; it also seems to run
3 times in a row. Memory usage is neglectable.

When I finally "arrive" on the KDE desktop I get 3 SIGSEGV
(KDE crashmanager) for the 3 "knotify"s plus an error dialog
box saying: "The protocol for the file process died unexpectedly"
(I guess it means that the kio_file process died, but after all that
I have 1 kio_file process running)

After that KDE is usable.

Does anybody have similiar / better / worse experiences with
KDE ?  Any hints what to improve ? Is the KDE package in a
sub-optimal stage ?

Thanks for any input