[parisc-linux] palo not booting kernel

Helge Deller deller@gmx.de
Thu, 21 Feb 2002 23:05:32 +0100

On Thursday 21 February 2002 22:54, Yasholomew Yashinski wrote:
>  Also wondering how the Vis EG-PCI support is coming, is
> parisc-linux-announce the best way to track this? Anxious to use graphics
> console :)

It's nearly finished. 
The current CVS version 2.4.17-pa28 now boots my c3000 w/ VisEG PCI and
has working sticon and stifb in case you _boot_ via serial console (after bootup
you may of course use sticon/stifb).
Booting from graphics console will still crash your machine - but we're working on that.