[parisc-linux] Ethernet on HP Apollo 730

Steve.Grady@csiro.au Steve.Grady@csiro.au
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 10:13:27 +1100


I have two HP PA boxes both running the 0.9.3 standard iso. The first box
735/100 is excellent with no real problems (thanks for the great work).

The second box is a 730 and the 10BaseT Ethernet will not work. dmesg output
seems to indicate that it cannot find a carrier. What I need to know has
anyone else got the Ethernet working on a 730 or do I have a dead Ethernet
If the second is the case has anyone had any success in getting an ISA
network card working in the EISA slot if so what do I need to do to get it

Once again, thanks for the great work I am not a real programmer myself, my
expertise is in the hardware side of things, as an end user I do appreciate
your efforts in giving these great HP boxes another life.

Steve Grady

BTW if anyone in Australia is interested in an HP differential EISA SCSI
card (sorry I cannot remember model number) drop me am email off list to
Steve.Grady@csiro.au. It was in the 730 and I have no use for it and it is
free to good home.