[parisc-linux] hp100 freezes machine

Bent Wagner psy@tdcadsl.dk
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 13:52:56 +0100 (GMT-1)

Hi there

I have a 9000/725-100 with a EISA netcard.

When i boot the system the card is detected and reported as
a HP J2577 on ETH0. It also tells me that the 10Mbit plug is
used, which is correct.

At the moment the network configuration is turned off when

When i try to issue a  ifconfig eth0 172.16.154 netmask
the machine freezes completely. The keyboard and the power button
and the TOC button does not work.
I have to yank the powercord to kill it.

When i configure the loopback interface there are no problem.
When i configure the builtin ETH1 it reports a tranceiver problem.
I have no tranceiver for this machine.

Kernel is 2.4.17-20

Am i doing something wrong?


Bent Wagner