[parisc-linux] [REQUEST] PS/2 keyboard pinouts?

Bob Radvanovsky rsradvan@unixworks.net
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 13:48:13 -0600

I recently picked up about 30+ 712 workstations, some of which will be
converted to the Debian PA/Linux operating system.  I plan on importing
the clusting software, Eddie, over to Debian and turning about 12+ of
these 712 workstations into a gigantic Linux cluster.

Unfortunately, I don't have 30+ keyboards for all of these workstations. 
Having noticed that there was one gent (Andrew Shugg) who mentioned about
a PS/2 loopback connector, I have tried in desparation to find one premade
at several computer specialty shops, including Radio Shack.  I used to
remember when Radio Shack *did* have connectors that you could make your
own style or pinout connector.	Nowadays, you just get a snot-nosed kid
who states "Whatever we have is whatever we have, dude.......whatever."
(or something like that).  I *CANNOT* seem to find any PS/2 connectors
ONLY, and for that matter, cannot seem to find documentation on the
712/60, 712/80 and 712/100 workstations keyboard connector pinout, and
which pins will enable me to bypass the IPL problem of "no keyboard, no
bootup" problem.

Anyone got any ideas on where I can get (1) pin descriptions as to how to
bypass the "no keyboard, no bootup" problem on most of the HP
workstations, and (2) where I might be able to get some PS/2 connector to
make my own "headless" Linux cluster configuration.

Thanks in advance.

Bob Radvanovsky
kempyuter kensulting services, inc.

-ad nauseum: Also... anyone know of a *good* and *FREE* Linux clustering
software that is efficient enough to run?  So far, the best one that I can
find that is fairly configurable, and robust enough is "Eddie".  But the
only drawback is that it's interpretted and runs on a language called
"Erlang".  If anyone has had experience in this matter with HP
workstations, running Debian PA/Linux, under a clustering environment (in
a house that Jack built), I'd be very interested in hearing more...  ;)))