[parisc-linux] ["CSA Test Drive" <TestDrive@compaq.com>] FW: Some issues

Carlos O'Donell carlos@baldric.uwo.ca
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 18:17:38 -0500

> The code doesn't seem to trap on a A500 which I believe is a PA8500.

Could be a PA8600 too.

> I think we need to look at bits 0..1 of the coprocessor configuration
> register to determine instruction validity.  See table 8-6 on page 8-11.
> I can look at what the HP compiler does.  Up to now, we have assumed
> that all PA8000 machines have the same instruction set.

I'm building a new kernel right now to run the test on again.
My sociology exam is in a half-hour... I need a little break ;)