[parisc-linux] State of official Linux kernel

Markus Grabert xam@student.cs.ucc.ie
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 19:40:28 +0000 (GMT)


I'm just curious what the state of the PA-RISC support of the
official linux kernel is (2.4.14 from kernel.org).

IMHO I assume that the latest Linux/PA-RISC progress didn't and won't
make it in the official linux kernel tree (at least not soon), am I right ?
(I don't see any hppa changes in the kernel-Changelogs at all)

Probably due to the fact that Linux/PA-RISC is still somewhat
experimental and probably some design issues are not fixed yet.
Are there any plans to integrate the lastest stuff into the
linux main tree (soon) ?

What about gcc, gdb, glibc and binutils ? How long do you think does it
take to get the current fixes/patches into a release ?

AFAIK RedHat/Cygnus supports/maintains gcc, gdb, glibc and binutils.
Are there (usually) any problems to get the patches/fixes (of gcc, gdb,
...) into a official release ? How good is the cooperation with the main
developers of these tools/libraries ? RedHat doesn't seem to be interested
in an Linux/PA-RISC port and debian is something like a competitor ...

Just curious,