[parisc-linux] 755/125 problems

Eric Schnoebelen eric@cirr.com
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 11:06:03 -0600

Aaron Macks writes:
- >>  unconfigure the ATM card and remove it from the eisa cage, but the
- >>  system still seems not to see the 10baseT AUI adaptor, no lights are
- >>  lit, not even the power one.
- >
- >Hm... that doesn't seem right.  Have you tried a different AUI adapter?
- >sounds like faulty hardware somewhere :(
- I've just tried all of the dozen or so AUI connectors that I have. No 
- reaction.  Do I have to configure something int the ISL menu to get 
- it to use the AUI connector instead of the ATM or the 10B2?

	As I recall, there is a jumper block on the AUI/10B2
board that needs to be switched to change the usage from one to
the other.. It's about a 10x3 block (if memory is serving

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