[parisc-linux] 755/125 problems

Ryan Bradetich ryan_bradetich@uswest.net
18 Nov 2001 22:18:51 -0700

On Sun, 2001-11-18 at 12:34, Aaron Macks wrote:
> Ok, so the Root pw of HPUX has been fixed, thanks.  I was able to 
Glad to hear it :)

> unconfigure the ATM card and remove it from the eisa cage, but the 
> system still seems not to see the 10baseT AUI adaptor, no lights are 
> lit, not even the power one.
Hm... that doesn't seem right.  Have you tried a different AUI adapter?
sounds like faulty hardware somewhere :(

> As for SCSI, I have HPUX on a FW, but a N for Linux.  Will it be a 
> problem to have the FW drive installed, or Linux just ignore it?
> Aaron

Linux will just detect the Outfield Card, but non of the scsi drivers/
disks below it will be probed/detected.  Linux will safely ignore it.

- Ryan