[parisc-linux] (no) HPMC on C200 and FX4 question

Jurriaan Kalkman Jurriaan.Kalkman@zrt.nl
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 16:33:27 +0100

>In message * of Vol 1 #372, Jurriaan asks if anyone has tried a copy on
>FWSCSI in a C200.

that would be Grant, not me!

>I just got mine up with FWSCSI and tried the same copy - no HPMC.
>Now, this is 2.4.9pa79, nor one of the 2.4.14 kernels but it does work!

I just typed=20

sync; cp /boot/vmlinux* ./; sync

on my C200 running 2.4.14-pa2 and no HPMC occurred. The disk is the only
disk on the FWSCSI chain (internal).

>By the way does anyone know why an FX4 would not be set up. The message =
>Trying PCI STI ROM at f1e00000, PCI hpa at f6000000
>I'm not trying to set up the PCI graphic card now... It would freeze your
>Unable to handle STI device 'PCI device 103c:1008 (Hewlett-Packard =
I get that message too; and I also wonder what it means exactly.

Good luck,