[parisc-linux] C240: Graphics, 64bit kernel and more

Markus Grabert xam@student.cs.ucc.ie
Mon, 12 Nov 2001 15:25:35 +0000 (GMT)


I'm going to buy a C240 (I already have a 730 (not here) and had a F10).
It has 512MB and FX/2 24bit graphics. I think it's rather good supported
by parisc-linux, am I right ?

Before I actually buy the computer, I wanted to know whether STI
and/or the framebuffer for a 64bit kernel is working.

Moreover I've read that UW-SCSI is not working yet.
So is it working in FAST-SCSI (narrow) mode ?

Are you aware of any other gcc/binutils bugs or should
gcc/binutils NOW create proper executables for pa2.0 and
pa1.1 (including the old CPUs like 730's PCX-S CPU) ?

does produce gcc rather good optimized code for parisc
(compared to HP's cc, is there a significant performance difference) ?

I can imagine that the Linux/HPPA kernel is not very optimized yet
(can't compare the speed on my 730 with HP/UX since I don't
have the OS software anymore ...). Is the speed difference just a
few percent or can you 'feel' it (mhh, fuzzy question) ?

Can I put in any PC PCI graphic card (as a second graphic card) ?
The same for any PC PCI cards (ethernet, modem, TV, ...) ?

Thanks in advance for answering my (newbie) questions!

I installed Linux/HPPA on my 730 (even before the 0.9.0 release),
but I moved to Ireland and the machine is now in Germany ...
I try to follow the mailing list, but I probably haven't read all
the mails, so forgive me if I asked questions already discussed
on the mailing list.

Greetings Max

... and keep on the good work