[parisc-linux] Keyboard problems and StiFB

Rüdiger Scholz rscholz@hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de
Sun, 11 Nov 2001 11:57:59 +0100

Hi there!

At first I want to say thanks to all the people, who made the great 
improvements on the kernel!! Now even my 715/100 with its second 
graphics card is running a stifb. ;-) And X-Server is running with 
1280x1024 with 24bpp... (That's cool...)

But now I have some trouble with my keyboard. I use a ps/2-keyboard and 
-mouse with HIL-Adaptorbox. If I do a cold boot the kernel finds a 
HIL-Keyboard, loads a keymap and  at the login the keyboard has a weird 
behaviour. ( Pressing enter e.g. gets me to the MagicKey-Menu). When 
rebooting the machine the kernel now didn't found any HIL-Keyboard, says 
s.th. about "device not claimed" , but the keyboard now works. The 
PS/2-Mouse works always.
Any Solution ?
And there's another question: How do I change between the first stifb 
and the second stifb? Console always opens on my second graphics card 
(HCRX24), but due to the resolution of 1280x1024 everything is quite 
small, so I would like use the builtin graphics.

Thanks in advance,