[parisc-linux] EISA interrupts

Jochen Friedrich jochen@scram.de
Wed, 7 Nov 2001 13:41:36 +0100 (CET)

Hi Daniel,

> In order to use an ISA card you will have to specify the IRQ as edge triggerd
> on the kernel command line options  eisa_irq_edge.
> Use eisa_irq_edge=9,10 to set IRQ 9 and 10 to edge mode.

Cool stuff !

I just merged it into the current CVS version and tested it on my 720...

I *sometimes* works. Somehow, maybe every 3 boot, my token ring card
starts up OK and interrupts are generated. The rest of the cases, the card
is detected, but fails to open and no interrupt is recorded in
/proc/interrupts. Is there anything special about the 720, like an
additional register which might have a random state at bootup time?

However, when trying to send IP traffic to the adapter, Linux immediately
crashes in csum_partial(). Looks like some more work is required to fix
the token ring driver.