[parisc-linux] Thanks and more questions

Herb Radford herbr@magma.ca
Sat, 03 Nov 2001 16:24:20 -0500

Thanks to Richard Hirst, Nicholas Charles and Aubrey Griffin for the
fix(es) for the irritating console message.
More questions:
I have a C110 and a C200 sitting here and upon boot attempts (from the
0.9.2 CD), I don't get too far. 
a) On the C200 I have firmware version 5.0 and a A4553A graphics card.
I get the message:
Set default PSW W bit to 0

and nothing more! The heartbeat is on solid (not flashing) but no more

b) The C110 has an A4070A (I think) graphics card.
On the C110, things are much the same (except for a confused message about
the firmware (C110 firmware is 1.5 - I think) but the system resets after
the PSW message.

On both machines I installed narrow SCSI drives to avoid any funnies with
wide drives.

You guys are VERY quick, but I don't need that fast a response :)

Regards, Herb