[parisc-linux] hppa binutils/glibc updates

Randolph Chung Randolph Chung <randolph@tausq.org>
Sat, 3 Nov 2001 23:33:52 -0800

Some good news, I hope....

With latest patches from Alan Modra, things seem to be looking better.
Here's what I've tried:

In a chroot built with debootstrap plus build-essential:
- Rebuild binutils from sourceware cvs
- Using new binutils, rebuild glibc (2.2.4-5) with am's latest patch

With these bits installed, the following were tested:
- build and install wget (just a simple sanity test)
- install and run libgtk1.2 and gkrellm
- recompile and run python1.5 and apache

all these seem to be ok now. Before recompiling, things like python will
die with a SIGILL

I've made a list of all the packages that got uploaded between around
Oct 15 till now. All these need to be recompiled and binary-NMU's need to
be made. James/LaMont/Bdale/myself/etc can do these fairly easily with
sbuild after new binutils and glibc bits are uploaded. Hopefully we can also
restart the buildd after that.

Chris/Ben: can you let us know when we can expect new binutils/glibc?
I'll forward the glibc patch to Ben separately.

If you can think of anything else that we should try to make sure
everything works, please let us know.

fingers crossed,
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