[parisc-linux] Irritating console message in 0.9.2 iso

Griffin, Aubrey, BMCIO aubreygriffin@att.com
Fri, 2 Nov 2001 17:27:25 -0500

I wiil add that this is a effective fix although quick and dirty. 

But first, you must stop the message by shutting down the dhcp client. 

Running "/etc/init.d/dhcp-client stop" as root will stop the messages from
displaying on the console immediately. 

Then, you can remove the dhcp-client startup scripts if you like.

An alternative solution to this problem is to change line 17 in
/etc/init.d/dhcp-client from "grep -q" to "grep -v -q" to prevent the dhcp
client from starting when the machine is rebooted.


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On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 12:33:42PM -0500, Herb Radford wrote:
> I have installed 0.9.2 on my two 712's (a /60 & a /80) with no problems
> (except learning about Debian).
> I am however bothered by a message which is displayed on the console at
> irregular (I think) intervals - sort of in bursts, then stops for a bit.
> The message makes it impossible to use dselect to proceed with the rest of
> the installation - the menu items in dselect get overwritten and it's not
> possible to determine what I have selected etc.
> The message is:
> ip_local_deliver: bad loopback skb: PRE_ROUTING LOCAL_IN
> skb: pf=2(unowned) dev=lo len=328
> PROTO=17 L=328 S=0x10 I=0 F-0x0000 T=16
> Now that is not cut and paste but the words are correct.
> Hope someone has an answer!

Just added

> dhcp-client is started from init scripts, when it should only be invoked
> via ifup and ifdown.  The result is that any manual network
> configuration may be overwritten, and you may see messages like
> "ip_local_deliver: bad loopback skb..." on the console.  Fix with
> "rm /etc/rc?.d/*dhcp-client".

to the errata, which I believe will solve your problem.


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