[parisc-linux] dead keyboard after booting 0.61 STI32 iso on a 715/100

Richard Hirst rhirst@linuxcare.com
Sun, 3 Jun 2001 18:17:34 +0100

The 0.9 release CD does allow you to boot over the network and then
install to a local disk via nfs or http, at least.  The file you
boot is a 'lifimage', and in this case contains a kernel and
ramdisk.  To quote the README on the 0.9 CD:

> The contents of this CD can be used to do network installs on any
> supported system.  To do that, you need to make the CD contents
> available over the network.  Acces via http and nfs have been tested.
> In addition, you need to boot the relevant lifimage file over the
> network to start the install proceedure.  The lifimages are
> debian/dists/sid/main/disks-hppa/current/wide/serial/lifimage
> debian/dists/sid/main/disks-hppa/current/narrow/serial/lifimage
> debian/dists/sid/main/disks-hppa/current/sti/lifimage
> Choose the appropriate one for your needs.  Most machines do a network
> boot via bootp, but some older machines use rbootd.  If you cannot
> find rbootd please visit our web site.
> Installing from the network is a little more involved than from CD, as
> you have to specify more details regarding the archive location.  The
> path you specify for loading kernel and modules should be one of
> ..../current/narrow, ..../current/wide, or ..../current/sti.  The path
> you specify for installing the base system should be ..../debian.

Hope that helps.


On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 05:25:48PM +0200, diab wrote:
> % Just for the record,
> % Have identical behaviour with c110, with ps/2 keyboard&mouse.
> % Tried 0.6 and 0.6.1, both freezes after the login prompt.....
> found the solution :) its pretty dunb though
> the problem is that 0.6 and 0.61 gives "console=tty" to the kernel on
> boot, instead of "console=tty0" (as in 0.9)
> tried to boot 0.61 (used palo to modify console=tty to tty0) and it works
> flawlessly. ok lets say i was able to bring up eth0 and nfsmount the 0.9
> iso remotely on my linux box. aint got a cd burner here at home so i
> should use nfs somehow. 
> anyways i found no up2date NFS howtos on the
> web, but an old one (2000.02) and somehow the nfsroot=mynfsserverip 
> approach seemed to be not working.. gave me stupid read and seek error codes. 
> anyways can i use the same lif images/kernels to boot from nfs? i dont
> feel like building a cross compiler environment just for this.
> if not - if would be nice to provide nfsboot capable kernel images for the
> cdless people.
> the sti console works fine and everything seems to be ok. this is a
> 715/100. see if i can copy the 0.9 over and make it working
> regards,
> --
> diab
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