[parisc-linux] Version 0.9 of PA-RISC Linux Released

Andrew Shugg andrew@neep.com.au
Sat, 2 Jun 2001 02:03:02 +0800

Congratulations, team, on making the release!

I had a quick look the files which I found here:


A couple of questions arose:

- what's the 142MB "gg" file dated "01-Jun-2001 10:23"?  I mean, I know
  who gg is (hi grant) but as this file is of around the same vintage as
  all the 0.9 compressed ISOs I thought I'd see if it was related

- are all the 0.9 ISOs identical except for which kernel is booted by
  default?  eg does the 0.9-32bit-STI CD image also contain the kernels
  for the 32bit-serial and 64bit-serial installs?

Oh, hang on, I see my second question is already answered by the footer
of the above HTTP directory listing, but I'll leave it in for the
archives I guess.  Answer is:

  You can change one 0.9 ISO into another by replacing the first 512
  bytes.  For example, to change the 32serial into the 64serial, do

  dd bs=512 conv=notrunc if=palinux-0.9-64serial.iso.sector0 \

  You probably want to rename the file too...

I see the same information is provided in a more brief form at the
bottom of the 0.9 README.  Oh well, pardon my ramblings.  ;)


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