[parisc-linux] How to access the second serial port on a B180 with PALINUX

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Thu, 5 Jul 2001 08:11:05 +0200


I well find it but there is a problem with ps2 keyboard (on B180) with this
Awaiting the patch I am instaling 0.9.1 with a serial console which will
help me for the second serial port.

Thanks a lot

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On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 08:59:39AM +0200, Jo=EBl Soete wrote:
> Hio,
> I just re-install my B180 with the last palinux-0.9 CD.
> With STI console gpm also works excepted that it do not highlight a
> double-click selection (but selection works)?
> I would also like to test the second serial port available on this model.
> Is any have tips or idea?

Support has recently been added to the kernel for the second serial
port.  Either grab a new kernel from puffin.external.hp.com, I think
Matt Taggart posted some recently, or build your own.


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