[parisc-linux] Serial console settings?

Matt Taggart taggart@carmen.fc.hp.com
Sun, 30 Dec 2001 14:45:46 -0700

Tom writes...

> Maybe I'm missing somethign here... I set up a serial console on the C180,
> which works great at 9600. Want to speed it up, so I changed the settings
> to rs232_1.38400.n.8 (or whatever the exact syntax is - the PDC is happy
> with it). Power-cycle, reset terminal to 38400 and nothing. Reset terminal
> to 9600 and there's the screen... Doesn't seem to matter what I set the
> console speed to in the PDC - it always runs at 9600. Is there some way I
> have to "push" this, or otherwise save it?

Are you saying that the firmware doesn't display properly or the Linux

If its the firmware my only advice is to try several different settings and
see if you can get anything other than 9600 to work. If you can then you
can try turning it up.

If you're referring to the Linux console, you'll need to edit the serial
terminal lines(they start with "T") in /etc/inittab and change the speed
there to match firmware.


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