[parisc-linux] hp 715/50 questions

James Waterhouse james.waterhouse@videotron.ca
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 15:49:22 -0400

	I just bought a 715/50 off ebay and I have a few questions about it
that I hope someone can help me with. I've tried to find answers on hp's
site and on the web but have come up with nothing.
	First, the leds on the front of the case are for diagnosing the boot
process right? They have the same function as the beeps from a pc's
bios? If so then does any one know where I can find documentation for
these error codes?
	Secondly, the box I bought was a bare system... no memory and no hard
drive. I know I can put any scsi 2 hard drive in (correct me if I am
wrong) but what about memory? The slots look like 72 pin simm slots but
that means nothing? Do I have to buy special hp memory or what?
	Any help would be greatly apreciated.


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