[parisc-linux] lasi scsi driver

Gyula Matics gyula_matics@hp.com
Thu, 2 Mar 2000 22:44:56 +0100

> Aside from the mailbox problems, have you added code to flush/purge
> entries for payload data?

It is not a clean mailbox system. It is mixing data and commands in the

> > I know that the architecture supports setting a page non-cacheable.
> > My question is if it is possible / good idea to set the mailbox page
> > to non-cacheable?
> Philipp Rumpf mentioned a possible implementation to me in a private
> e-mail (make_page_uncached()). He's open to other ideas and/or
> interfaces if another architecture has already solved this problem.

The driver was originally written for m68k and one can find this code
fragments in it:

    cache_push(virt_to_phys((void *)(instance->hostdata[0])), 8192);
    cache_clear(virt_to_phys((void *)(instance->hostdata[0])), 8192);
    kernel_set_cachemode(instance->hostdata[0], 8192, IOMAP_NOCACHE_SER);

> in Documentation/DMA-mapping.txt. (I reccomend version 2.3.47

OK, i'll read it.