Huria Raja huria@thermeoneurope.com
Fri, 23 Jun 2000 11:30:51 +0100

From: 	Robin Redmile-Gordon [mailto:rrg@thermeoneurope.com]
Sent:	22 June 2000 15:57
To:	'mwheeler@startext.co.uk'
Subject:	Linux/Unix subcontracting
Sensitivity:	Confidential

We are looking for specialists who are interested in specific project and
task work.
We are part of a small but global organisation providing IT solutions to the
vehicle rental industry.
We have our own specialists, of course, but we prefer to use them for our
own application development rather than the implementation, setup and
troubleshooting of client systems.
What we're looking for are people who genuinely know what they are doing and
can thus work fast, efficiently and independently - not the "we do
everything (we know a man who can) merchants".

Our environment has many SCO Unix systems in place but all new development
and many of the established customers are migrating to RedHat Linux.

Examples of work required:

1. A customer need his server configured as a mail server to collect
multiple mailboxes from a remote internet server by dial-up router and allow
local PC clients to collect and send mail via the server.
2. A customer has an NT server running an Exchange Server and wishes his SCO
and Linux servers to be able to route their mail to and through the Exchange
3. A customer needs a Linux firewall behind which reside multiple networks
of PC's and servers.  A design and implementation plan is needed and
configuration of firewall and routers.
4. We require routers to be ordered on demand and configured according to
our specification, despatched direct to the customer with simple
instructions for self-installation by a novice.
5. Customer's system is experiencing slow-running, network conflicts, etc
and trouble-shooting and resolution is required in a timely and
cost-effective manner.

In all cases we would require a time estimate which would be based on an
hourly rate for the service provided.
No on-site attendance would be required.
All systems have either dial-in or Internet access.

Is this the sort of thing your company might be interested in.
If so, please submit brief details of specialist personnel -
numbers/age/experience/specialisation together with the hourly rates you
would quote us for such sub-contract work.
Sorry to be a burden but, in addition, we will need references.
We are looking for people who will be let loose directly on our client's
systems and I am sure you will appreciate our caution in such matters.

I thank you for your kind attention and look forward to hearing from you.

Robin Redmile-Gordon
Managing Director
Thermeon Europe Ltd.