New busybox available was Re: [parisc-linux] Busybox 0.45 released

Matt Taggart
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 20:14:11 -0600

Pavel Roskin writes...

> Matt,
> Just a postscriptum to save you some time.
> When compiling Busybox disable
> BB_INSMOD (not needed)
> BB_FEATURE_MOUNT_LOOP (not compatible with linux-2.4.x)
> BB_UMOUNT (uses umount syscall, can be fixed)

I changed umount.c to use sys/umount.h instead of using it's own version.

I placed a tarball of busybox-0.45 in,

I also created a smaller nfsroot using busybox instead of all the big 
versions. It contains the dev, base-files, sash, and busybox tarballs from the 
pehc:.../binaries/userspace directory. It lives at,

Both were tested briefly. Please report any problems to the list.


Matt Taggart