[parisc-linux] Optimization problems

Matt Taggart taggart@carmen.fc.hp.com
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 12:20:02 -0600

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I've run into a problem compiling code -O2 with string.h and linux/fs.h. I've 
attached a sample program that causes the failure. Change the header path to 
point to your own CVS and remember to compile with -O2.  willy/pb mentioned 
that it's because gcc is using it's own "optimized" versions. Is anyone 
looking at this?

Matt Taggart

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/* These CVS versions end up in $PREFIX/hppa1.1-linux/sys-include/ */
#include </home/taggart/puffin/palinux/glibc/string/string.h>
#include </home/taggart/puffin/palinux/linux-2.3/include/linux/fs.h>

int main(void)
	return 0;