[parisc-linux] Ding dong, reserved %r8 is dead

David Huggins-Daines dhd@linuxcare.com
06 Jul 2000 18:03:40 -0400

As of this afternoon, the GCC in puffin.external.hp.com CVS no longer
reserves %r8.  You will need to get binutils-2.10 or your builds will
be broken.  I've built a successful kernel+palo lifimage with this
GCC, but haven't tested glibc or userspace yet due to reasons
mentioned below, and the fact that I have been also working on merging
our GCC forward to the mainline CVS version (the *real* 2.96 :-)

One other thing - USE_CONST_SECTION is no longer defined to 0, so GCC
will put strings and such in a .rodata section.  I'm not sure why we
were avoiding this in the past - was it a SOM-ism?

I guess there's no good reason not to have read-only data in the text
section, aside from the fact that it makes reading objdump output a
bit confusing, so we can change it back if there is a pressing reason.

Oh, and for a few hours, glibc builds were slightly broken because GCC
was not building crt{begin,end}.o, for reasons that are beyond me.
I've manually added them in GCC's configure.in, and it should build

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